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Case Studies

Boot Camp has 15 franchises with 25 locations in metro-Atlanta.     
Their customers choose a franchise on geographic location. The   
PR team was tasked with using public relations and online
marketing to increase registration.

An incubator is trying to increase tenants. AquaPR team members
are tasked with using public relations and online marketing to
generate leads and sales in a very down market. Leads for tenants
had dwindled down to 1a month with no new tenants in months.

Tap into the growing number of Mobile Mom Managers utilizing
smartphone for staying connected and organizing family
schedules. Recent statistics site that the female Internet population
is over 42 million, with 43 percent visiting blogs to get advice or
recommendations and the "Mommy Blogger" universe has
increased by more than 50 percent in recent years.

A leader in Cell Phone Signal Boosters sells the consumer
electronic in both retail and etail stores. The PR team was tasked   
with increasing customer interaction and traffic on the Booster’s      
Facebook Page
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